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About Us

rai·ment /ˈrāmənt / noun


The term Raiment refers to formal clothing. It comes from the Old French word areer or "to array," which describes dressing in decorative clothing, or adorning yourself in the very best. The word raiment has mostly gone out of use, much like the rare practice of getting very dressed up.

Established in 2015, Raiment was founded with the mission of helping people express themselves through Raiment by creating a carefully curated catalog that range from modern silhouettes to versatile wardrobe staples. Our team of designers and manufacturers are dedicated to helping you dress well everyday while ensuring that everything is made with superior quality and sold at a fair price.

Born in New York, Raiment brings all of the latest trends to your door. We take inspiration from different international styles such as Asian streetwear and European fashion then put our own spin on it. Everything is designed and developed in NYC.